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Resellers & Partners

We would be delighted to hear from you and to discuss your requirements and applications and which KIMO Instrument would be best suited.

You may of course contact KIMO Instruments UK (01253 340170) directly or contact one of our resellers across the UK.

As well as instrument sales, many of the resellers will also hire instruments and Airflow. The companies listed in Bold and Red are authorised to calibrate and if needed, adjust KIMO instruments without the need for the instrument to be returned to the factory.


Air Techniques International (Letchworth)

Airflow Measurements (Manchester)

*Associated Instrument Repairs (Buckingham)

*BSRIA Instrument Solutions (Bracknell)

Cleanroom Shop (Kirkby Longsdale)

Environmental Monitoring (Kendal)

Inlec  (Stokesly - North Yorkshire)

PASS (Portable Appliance Safety Services) Ltd (Stockton, Teesside)

  *Pullman Instruments (Harrogate)

Radwell International UK Ltd (Staffordshire) (Leeds)

Test Hire (Somerset)

*Young Calibration (West Sussex)



We are also looking for exclusive reseller arrangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  An excellent opportunity for the right individual or company to grow the KIMO brand in these regions. 

Please contact us for further information.