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We believe in being completely transparent on pricing.

Please find below the full pricelists for you to download. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require clarification on the prices or require a recommendation on a suitable instrument.

Please note that if an item is ordered from us or quoted to you then we will always honour the price. However due to variations in exchange rates, we reserve the right to change prices without notice.

All prices are quoted excluding VAT. We accept payment via paypal, credit card, cheque and BACS. If you want to order online but pay on account please select the - cash on delivery option at checkout..

If you buy many instruments through the year and spend in excess of £5000, please contact us to open an account and benefit from volume discounts.

Also look out for periodic promotions and discount codes.

Also a number of our higher volume items are offered with volume discount bands. The discounted price offered is based upon a single volume order and a single delivery.

PRICES BEING UPDATED FOR EXCHANGE RATES - Please email for a copy of latest pricelists in Excel format