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KIMO Instruments - L type pitot tubes - with and without thermocouple

We offer stainless L type pitot tube from 100mm to 3m with and without thermocouples fitted for temperature compensation.

Standard L type pitot tubes are brazed and operate up to 600'C.  The pitot can optionally be tig welded for high temperature applications up to 1000'C. The pitot can also be marked with graduations along its length to aid traversing across a duct. We can also supply small orings to fit to the pitot tube when used in low temperature applications.

We can also offer straight pitot tubes and custom pitot tubes made to your drawings. We supply custom pitot tubes to three F1 Racing teams for use on cars and in their wind tunnels.

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Type L Pitot Tubes
Type L Pitot Tubes
Type L Pitot Tubes with Thermocouple K
Type L Pitot Tubes with Thermocouple K