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Debimo Blades

KIMO Instruments - Debimo Blades.

Debimo blades are made from aluminium and perform like automatically averaging pitot tubes. Normally fitted as a crossed pair, each blade has multiple holes along its length. When connected to a differential pressure meter, an average air velocity and air flow can be calculated. They are the best solution to use in ducts carrying clean air up to 210 'C.

They are easily fitted into an existing ducting by cutting a small square slot and an 8mm hole the othe side.

Standard lengths range from 100mm up to 3m.  You cannot change the length yourself but can order an exact size if you cannot see a size to fit your ducting.  Contact us if using insulated ducting or ducting with a wall thickness greater than 2mm as we will need to relocate the outer holes.

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Debimo Blades
Debimo Blades