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About KIMO

KIMO Building

KIMO France designs and manufactures instruments for measuring and monitoring air parameters.

Measuring instruments manufactured by KIMO -portable or fixed installation- are dedicated to:

  • Ensure the correct operation of heating, ventilation and refrigeration installations, to improve comfort and reduce energy over consumption.
  • Meet environmental standards and reduce emission of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Guarantee safety of people, by monitoring environment to avoid the spread of bacteria, gas, etc.. in food industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, nuclear...
  • Control and maintain optimal conditions for manufacturing and storage, in industry, museums, agriculture, breeding etc.

Kimo pays the greatest attention to quality and constantly improves its laboratories to control itsmanufactured instruments. Kimo calibrates its devices according to AFNOR standards in pressure, humidity, air velocity, airflow, acoustics and electricity.

For 30 years, KIMO has been expanding and makes it a point of honour to be at the forefront of research and progress, and to offer high-quality services.