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VT210 Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer

VT210 Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer
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Model: 24736
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Specially designed for the control of the ventilation systems, the VT 210 allows to measure the air velocity, the airflow and the temperature in duct.

Multifunction device, it offers the possibility of measuring several parameters at the same time. According to your application, the VT 210 accepts, besides speed measurement probes (vanes, hotwire or omnidirectionnal), a hygrometry probe or climatic condition and temperature module.

Several packs are available according to your applications:

  • With vane probe (100mm / 70mm / 14mm) telescopic tilting in 90 ° or standard
  • With telescopic hotwire probe tilting in 90 ° or standard
  • Optional: wired or radio temperature probe and humidity probe

Measurement ranges

  • Velocity : from 0,15 to 35 m/s
  • Airflow : from 0 to 99 999 m3/h
  • Integrated temperature of measurement probes : -20 to 95C°
  • Thermocouple temperature : see temperature probes datasheet.


VT210 F - Supplied with hotwire probe

VT210 TF - Supplied with telescopic hotwire probe

VT210 P - Supplied with Ø 14 mm vane probe

VT210 TP - Supplied with Ø 14 mm telescopic vane probe

VT210 H - Supplied with Ø 70 mm vane probe

VT210 TH - Supplied with Ø 70 mm telescopic vane probe

VT210 L - Supplied with Ø 100 mm vane probe

VT210 TL - Supplied with Ø 100 mm telescopic hotwire probe

VT210 M - Supplied with air velocity/temperature/hygrometry telescopic multi-function probe

NOTE:  The picture shows the instrument complete with all probes and accessories as detailed in the datasheet. The base price is for the instrument body only. Please select the probe you require or call us for a more bespoke order with probes and accessories.


Datasheet User Manual Portable Brochure




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VT210 Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer
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VT210 Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer
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