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Calibration and Aftersales

Every KIMO portable instrument will be adjusted at the factory to ensure that it will perform to tolerances specified in the datasheet and will be delivered with an adjusting certificate.

210 and 310 series portable instruments are delivered as standard complete with a full factory calibration certificate. This will include a table of the value measured by your instrument and the value measured by the laboratory reference instrument. This will allow you to make compensations to further increase the accuracy of your measurements.

If required, a full calibration certificate is available as an option across the range on every instrument that we sell including dataloggers and transmitters. This must be specified at time of order. Please see the calibration pricelist.

All calibration certificates will be dated for your order. We do not deliver calibrated instruments from stock with old certificates. If you require your company name on the calibration vertificate then please advise at the time of order.

Many users have the calibration of their instrument checked each year. This can be carried out by any competent calibration lab. Should the instrument be out of tolerance and require adjustment, it can be returned to us or to one of our approved calibration partners in the UK.  KIMO is unique in allowing approved partners to unlock and adjust instruments, thereby removing the delay associated with sending an instrument back to the factory.

Resellers and Partners

We are able to repair all current instruments and many of the older generation. There is no minimum repair charge so for example if you have just broken the hotwire element in a VT110 this can cost as little as £30 plus shipping to be repaired. We will always quote and seek your approval prior to completing a repair. For aftersales and repairs please call 01253 340170.